Hello world!

We are very excited to share this new home for this little project of ours, and to introduce Jelly Labs to the world.

Who we are

We are Denny and Cindy. We are two friendly people who used to do science. Denny comes from synthetic biology. Cindy comes from immunology. We enjoy talking to scientists, telling their stories, and building tools that support them to do their best work. 

Back in 2011, as young scientists, we faced the challenge of trying to find funding to run some experiments testing a promising hypothesis. We solved our own problem by creating Experiment, an online funding platform and community that supports people doing scientific research. We raised a bit of investment capital and grew the platform. After a seven year journey that took us from Seattle to New York City, meandering through Silicon Valley, Experiment is now a sustainable platform and community resource.

We, Denny and Cindy, are now based in Honolulu. Jelly Labs is a new endeavor and where we are spending all of our hours. Well, we've been working on something like this idea for a while, but we're now working working on it.

What we're building

Through working on Experiment, we observed this phenomena that we call Jelly. Jelly is the name for the feeling you feel when you observe the reaction of baking soda and vinegar in a paper mache volcano for the first time. It's when the story and process of science spontaneously react and give off A-ha!'s and Oooh's. Jelly is a shared moment of discovery shared between humans. 

Our goal is to make a jelly delivery vehicle. By making the process of idea to publication more efficient, quality, open, and fun, we think it is possible to produce more jelly. 

What's next

We will be sharing and posting here as we progress.

Leave us your email to get updates, come talk to us in our open Slack workspace, or meet us in person every Thursday at 5pm in Honolulu.

We need scientist participation to make this project succeed. Ask us difficult questions. Challenge our thinking. Keep us honest. Electronic mail can be directed to founders at jellypbc dot com. Stay tuned for more updates!

Join us!
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